Fitness and exercise – feel younger and live longer

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Fitness and exercise- feel younger and live longer :-



Fitness and exercise!  It is important to exercise daily and regularly. Those who stay physically fit are less prone to any kind of diseases and have low risk to dying at a younger age. Doing exercises improves quality of life, enhances sleep, and prevents weight gain, stroke, high blood pressure, also depression and diabetes.  Regular exercise practices even for 10 minutes can have a great impact on heart and health and mental insight. A short blast of intense exercise can boost metabolism for the full day more effectively than the work out that is slow and steady.

 The individual need to do :-

There are N no.of exercises that one can choose from. The best way is to start thinking of an activity that individual enjoy. It will be easier to stick to an exercise program that you like to do regularly. Exercise helps in building stamina and gives us the energy to do things that we want to do. Endurance exercises such as walking jogging and cycling makes your breath a little harder. Some exercises such as brisk walking, climbing up the hill or stairs helps you in building strength. Stretching is also very important part of fitness which helps your body to be flexible.

Eating right to stay fit :-

You need a lot of energy to exercise and that energy comes from food. Having eaten adequately before any physical fitness activity make you feel easy and better to exercise also one should eat to refuel afterwards. The amount of food that a person needs will vary with age sex weight and activity level. Choose food that are easily digested and that gives you most energy. Also it is important to include drink fluids before, during and after exercising. Drinking water is a good choice for most workouts. If any individual drink plenty of fluids and eat regular meals that include carbohydrates protein and fat then one should have all the energy that is needed for the workout plan.

Taking up the first fitness steps– Every journey begins with a single step and that is especially true of a fitness program.

  • Ease into exercise to get the body used to the new level of activity.
  • Set a short-term goal like walking 10 minutes a day on three to four days a week.
  • Work under a personal trainer for a best fitness plans that fits your lifestyle.
  • The one should warm up before exercise.
  • One should not over exert while on an exercise program.
  • Know the right way to exercise. Ask the fitness instructor to teach the right form.
Fitness and exercise

Fitness and exercise

Spice up your workouts: Bored of doing the old exercises then here is what you can do-

  1. Try a new exercise class- Many gyms offer a variety to choose from such as spinning kickboxing yoga or fitness boot camp.
  2. Take a break from gym– one should look for outdoor opportunities for exercise. Playing tennis golf going for a brisk walk or run outside and can go swimming at a pool.
  3. Work with a personal trainer- Trainers can help you come up with new exercises that can be both fun and effective.