Eat These Foods to Fight Weight Gain

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Eat These Foods to Fight Weight Gain

Now-a-days obesity is the biggest problem in the world as far as health of the people is concerned. Talking about its current status, it has become a kind of phenomena these days. People are eating a lot of fast food which is a leading cause of obesity. Moreover, people are afraid of walking or doing exercise these days.  One can eat these foods to fight weight gain.


Well none of you need to worry too much as we have come up with diet plan for Weight Loss.

The best way to learn the art of weight loss is to learn about diet that is anti-inflammatory. Vegetable and fruits, whole grain and diet low in terms of fat. In addition to it you should also do some exercise weight loss as healthy food alone is not going to do anything for you. Furthermore, you need to develop healthy relationship with food. In other words you should know about your food, eating habits and its reactive patterns which are very important for healthy weight loss.

Eat These Foods to Fight Weight Gain:

Whole grains

Prefer chewing your food for more than 32 times. Chewing your food for long time allows your body to enjoy the luxury of time to recognize the sensation of being full about food which results in less consumption of calories.

Psyllium Powder

Try to consume some psyllium powder with water between meals. Make sure you consume a lot of water with psyllium powder. Having psyllium powder will keep you full between meals. As a result of it the fiber’s transition time to bowls will get lesser than it is now. This process helps eliminate more toxins out of your body. This is a good way to trigger weight loss.

Natural sugars

Fructose found in fruits is a kid of natural sugar which stimulate brown fat thermo genesis. It is far better in comparison to the refined carbohydrates.

Green tea

Try your hands at green. Give up that tea you drink to boost your energy via harmful caffeine. Green tea is a natural tea that improves your metabolism very quickly. Camellia sinensis, ephedrine sinensis etc are the perfect example of it which contains all the natural properties such as methyl xanthenes to boost your metabolism.

Protein powder

Include supplements in your diet such as protein powder. Do not forget to consult your dietician or doctor before consuming it. The amount of protein powder in your diet depends up on the physical activity you do every day. For example if you do less physical activity then you should consume less protein powder otherwise more. Consumption of ample protein with your diet will improve your appetite.

Green vegetables, fruits and nuts

Green vegetables, fruits, and nuts are great for weight loss. Moreover, they are very helpful for improving hunger. Green veggies, fruits and nuts are very useful for fighting weight gain through nutrients. They prevent not only all the deficiencies but also provide sufficient fiber in order to improve your metabolism.

These are the foods that you should include in your diet plan to fight weight gain. However, we strongly advise you to consult your doctor or dietician before following these tips. Fight weight gain with these foods.