The importance of fibres in our body

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The importance of fibers in our body

 Fibers are very importance for our body. let’s find out some importance of fibre. Read more to know more.

Fibers have been constantly called as super foods and absolute essentials in someone’s diet. Their importance on a broader level needs to be understood and exactly what they do in order to make us feel a lot healthier.

Dietary fibres are parts of plant foods which our body finds difficult to digest. There are mainly two types of fibre one which are soluble in nature and one which are slightly insoluble. Both these fibre are essential for good health.

Soluble fibre basically dissolve in water very easily and promote the excretion of fatty substances such as cholesterol and in turn regulate the body’s sugars.

Insoluble fibre do not dissolve in water but they add bulk and make your stools a little softer. Thus if you consume more insoluble fibres  it promotes bowel regularity. Consuming the right amount of dietary fibre in your diet ensures many health benefits which can be described in the following ways:

  • Promotes a better bowel function:

Dietary fibre is meant to increase the size and the weight of the stools and usually softens it. The stool moves through the intestinal tract in an easy manner which automatically translates into good bowel functions. This helps to avoid constipation.

  • Controls blood sugar levels:

Almost every kind of food contains some sugars. Soluble fibres ensure the slow release of these sugars into the bloodstream which does not increase the blood sugar levels and in many ways, controls it.

  • Cholesterol Levels:

Soluble fibers are meant to control cholesterol levels by lowering the bad cholesterol which is usually LDL cholesterol. Fiber converts the bile acids which carry cholesterol into waste which is then released out from the system. Thus you absorb less dietary cholesterol.

  • Controls your weight:

High fiber foods require more time for you to chew which ensures that you eat slower and as a result makes you eat less. If you want to lose weight, it is always advisable to include a lot of high-fiber foods in your diet.

There are certain sources of fiber which we can consume on a daily basis:

Foods which are high in soluble fiber:

Oats, barley, peas, beans and certain fruits such as apples, oranges and carrots are examples of such foods.

Foods which are high in insoluble fiber:

Brown rice, whole weight, seeds and nuts and almost all kinds of leafy green vegetables such as cabbage and tomatoes are examples of such foods.

It is possible for you to take fibre supplements as well but many experts have suggested that it is always advisable to take in as many natural fibers as possible such as whole grains, fruits, and vegetables instead of relying on more of fiber supplements.

Taking a fruit after a meal or having it as a snack is a good option. Having cereals in the morning should include a sufficient amount of fruits. Vegetables should be included in all the meals possible and there should be a balance, especially if you are consuming more protein.