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Fevers can do a lot of things to the body which can cause you to become weak. If your temperature gets high you have to get yourself cooled down before the fever can burn you on the inside too. Some fevers are not that bad and you can have over a hundred and one temperature and it may not do anything to you. But if it gets any higher than that, it can be bad for you. Kids get fevers all the time, but you have to watch them. Because it can go up and down quickly and many things can happen. We all know about fever and how it is connected with the temperature of our body. But how many of us know the fever effects that is left in the body.

High fever

When you have a high fever you will not feel like moving around very much or at all and the body can be very hot for you to even touch. Sometimes, the skin will change colour. It might go red or at least pink. In some cases, people might lack sweating and in some other cases, people get a lot of sweating. Suppose, if a person is affected by high temperature fever, his common and immediate symptoms or effects would include sleeping for a long period of time, giddiness and drowsiness and lightheaded, and it can make your muscles feel like jelly. Fevers can put you in the hospital for days. When it is too high and they have to get it to go down because it can even cause damage to your brain.

Fevers  Damage :-

High fevers can damage to the brain cells and the nerves if a high temperature remains too long. If your child has a high temperature. You need to get them to the doctor or to the hospital fast because it can harm them. A high fever can even kill you if it gets bad and your body can not handle it. When the temperature goes higher and higher. It means the fever is causing more damage or harm to your health along with whatever caused the fever in the first place. It can make your body feel on fire, boiling under your skin. Your body can be so weak that you will find yourself very tired or hard to do your regular routine works like walking, eating, bathing and so on.

Many things can cause fevers like ear and throat infections, flue, wounds, and allergies can cause you to burn up. Some people get them a lot and others may not get them much. It just depends on the person and how their bodies are. Some people can fight fevers, but if the fever is too high your body can give up and it will take you over. So if you get a high fever you cannot get under control, go to your doctor. It may be nothing, but it is better to be safe than to feel sorry in the later stages where things go beyond your hands. With kids you do not want to take the risk of the fever getting to them and it taking over their bodies. Because the damages can be very bad.