Weight Loss: 60 Minutes of Exercise Every Day

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Weight Loss: 60 Minutes of Exercise Every Day

There is no doubt about potential of 30 minutes exercise when it comes to shed those extra calories. There is no match to 30 minutes exercise when it comes to save you from cardiac arrest and many other diseases. Work-out for 30-40 minutes five times a week can do wonders for you when it comes to add to your bone strength and digestion. Working out for half-an-hour improves our blood circulation.

Although there are number of more things that half-an-hour workout can do for us yet it cannot guarantee a kind of solution for weight problems. Try doing 60 minutes of exercise every day. Working out does not guarantee that you may not regain the weight you have lost just a month or two ago.

Journal of the American Medical Association says that an average middle aged woman also needs exercise of up to one hour to get rid of extra weight or calories. Well! If this target seems to be very difficult then you can opt for fifteen minutes exercise everyday to reduce your weight to some extent. Once you gain ample confidence or stamina to work out for more than 15 minutes a day then you can increase the timing of exercise session.

Initially you may find it very hard to focus on 60 minutes exercise. So you had better opt for 15 minutes simple exercise in the starting. Do it for at least one month without skipping even for a single day. After month you will notice that you have not only increased your stamina but have also ended your month by losing some more weight than your target.

Health experts

According to the health experts there is no doubt about that training for full or half marathon needs more stamina, willpower and a lot more in comparison to the stamina and power needed for weight loss. Yet it is very important to spend at least more than one hour on your body which is not too much at all.

In order to trigger weight loss you just need to be creative and have some faith in your stamina for cardiovascular exercises. Dance classes can also be a great choice for you as you end up burning a lot of calories there. Moreover, you lose a lot of weight also.

Weight lifting exercises

You can opt for weight lifting exercises as they also help you strengthen all of those muscles which work hard to keep your body at bay from excessive weight. Weight lifting training is very important especially for people aged above 40 years in order to avoid Osteoporosis which further results in excessive weight with the age. While doing weights you just need to take care that you do not pick up the weight more than the power you have in your arms. Always pickup the weight that you can easily exercise with at least for 2-3 sets or 15 time each.

So using heavy weights with low reps under the supervision of some very experienced coach helps you build muscle strength instead of bulking you up., so instead of just going for jogging or something of this sort do take weights into consideration for weight loss.

60 minutes of exercise every day can help you lose weight easily.