How drug can affect our body and brain?

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The long term and short term effects of drug abuse on the body and the brain

 Different drugs have a different effect on the body, but they all chemically alter the brain. Read to know more.


Substance abuse has become a problem in many countries around the world. As there are many people who do not understand the long term and short term effects of drugs or dissociative drugs, as they are called and as a result of this. They end up misusing these substances and this has a major impact on the body and the mind. The dangerous part of these drugs is that they vary from person to person and the effects can also vary from person to person. So it becomes all the more difficult to control, when there is a need to.

It has been scientifically proven that as soon as the person becomes emotionally and physically attached to the drug. He looks for more reasons to consume the drug on a regular basis. A person’s perceptions all come from the brain. Therefore it is the brain that decides the effect of drug abuse in individuals. The brain has a certain pattern when it is not inflicted with any kind of drugs. However when there is a chemical addition to the brain. The normal brain pattern is disrupted and it is the chemical in the brain which is causing different signals to be sent to the body.

Short and long term effects of Hallucinogens:

Hallucinogens affect the rate at which information travels to the brain resulting in a dramatic change in a person’s perception. Information travels to the brain at a rapid speed through a channel called the neurotransmitters. Hallucinogens disrupt this natural process and affect the speed at which this information travels. Hallucinogens also affect the function of the nerve cells in the brain by disrupting the nerve fibres. These nerve fibers are called serotonin which deeply affects a person’s mood and sleeping pattern and is also responsible for controlling the heartbeat. A person who is addicted to hallucinogens will notice a change in their moods. In their sleeping pattern and this accentuates as the person gets addicted to the drug.

Short term and long term effects of Opiates:

Opiates are extremely common and they usually come in many forms which could be in the form of prescriptive drugs containing opiates or simply opiated drugs which are meant for recreational purposes. Opiates are particularly dangerous. Because of their ability to free someone from any kind of pain. Provide that relief and at the same give him a feeling of intense happiness and euphoria. The concern with these opiates is that the brain does not take time before forming dependence with these drugs. For a person who is addicted to opium or any kind of opiates will need that in order to function, without which he will find it extremely difficult to survive.

These are just some of the effects certain substances are known to have, both in the short term and the long term on the brain. Which plays the remote-control in deciding all other functions of the body, including the physical ones.