Side effects of antibiotics on our Health.

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The effects of antibiotics on our system.

In this context, there is an important need to understand what kind of ways antibiotics can affect your system.

Antibiotics are one of the most popular forms of drugs available to mankind. The dependence on antibiotics has increased to such an extent that people with any form of infection are choosing to use antibiotics instead of using alternative therapy. The assumption that comes with antibiotics is that they have potentially disastrous side effects. If used for long term therapy, they can prove to be devastating to your health.

        Effects of antibiotics

  • There are several people who are using antibiotics for any kind of infection and these results in the live bacteria in our bodies becoming antibiotic-resistant and thus not being effective when it is need the most. There have been several cases where increased doses of antibiotics have found to be ineffective. When the actual need for such antibiotics arises.
  • Also there are many health-care providers which are prescribing antibiotics for all types of infections. It is important to understand how detrimental this can be to our overall health. Although antibiotics are fighting off one bacterium. They are also simultaneously reducing our body’s ability to produce the necessary bacterium that is needed for the overall health of the body. This facilitates the growth of other bacteria in our body, which can lead to even more serious infections.

    Effects of antibiotics

  •  The prolonged use of antibiotics can also lead to the bacteria in the digestive system to break down which could lead to the irregular absorption of nutrients that are necessary for the food to be processed in the best manner possible. This leads to the body becoming malnourished and unable to process the food correctly.
  • Apart from these effects, antibiotics can also hamper the reproductive system. If taken in high doses and for a long period of time. This is usually more dangerous when it comes to women but men too, face this problem in the form of testicular infections. Infections that women face is usually in the form of the growth of yeast, which can affect the membranous tissue.
  • There are some studies which have simplified this issue by simply stating that overuse of antibiotics can lead to the risk of other infections and potential side effects. Which could harm your overall balance.
  • However, there is a general consensus that in certain situations, depending on the need and the doctor responsible. Antibiotics can sufficiently help to rid you of serious infections. In certain situations, there is no alternative to antibiotics because in the short term, these are only the feasible options available. However, this must be a conscious decision to be taken by someone in absolute consultation with the doctor. To ensure that there are no long term side effects the treatment could have. It is also important to supplement your use with a sufficient amount of vitamin B. Which ensures the retaining capacity of your body and protects you from more harmful infections.