What and how we should eat to stay fit and healthy ?

The 3 Week Diet

What and how we should eat to stay fit and healthy?

It is important to include all the right things in your diet which will supplement your exercise. Even if there are some people where lack of physical activity is a problem. The right food can do wonders to your life.



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A lot of us indulge in crash dieting and that is one of the main reasons why we don’t maintain our physical health. It is important to understand that while many of us might choose the way of dieting as the ideal way to stay fit. There needs to be a fundamental change in our lifestyle and in our dietary habits. This can only happen when we are aware of what food is good for our system. When we stop relying on just our taste buds for our satisfaction.

There are certain methods or tips which one should know in order to create that change in their lifestyles:
  • The healthiest way to live would be to reduce your regular outings for different kinds of food and indulging more in cooking your own meals. This way, you feel more in charge of exactly what kind of food is going into your system.
  • There are certain animal based fats and vegetable based fats. Vegetable-based fats are considered to be far more ideal for your system. For example, switching to olive oil instead of butter could be the first step in doing so.

    Eat to stay fit and healthy

  • Sometimes, in our busy lives, we tend to ignore how we feel after eating. Observing how we feel after our meals would be the first step towards making a change in this direction. Healthy foods, you will find, you remain more active whereas junk food or other types of food will make you feel nauseous, uneasy and drained of energy.
  • When you instruct yourself to completely ban certain foods, there is a natural urge to eat those foods. Reducing portion sizes of those foods over a period of time is an easier way to keep you free these indulgences. If the process is a gradual one, you will see that your body automatically rejects those foods.
  • Fruits and vegetables are considered to be low in calories and rich in nutrients. Which essentially means that they contains a lot more vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and fiber. If you are looking for greens, lettuce is not the only option. There are richer vegetables like kale; broccoli and Chinese cabbage are rich in magnesium, potassium, calcium and all the necessary vitamins.
  • Replace sugar foods that you are used to and add naturally sweet vegetables such as corn, carrots, sweet potatoes and other types of vegetables which could drastically improve your health.
  • Even though carbohydrates are needed by our body, there are some unhealthy carbs and healthy carbs. Healthy carbs are whole grains, beans and most vegetables. Unhealthy carbs would be refined sugar, white rice which have been stripped off all their nutrients and fiber and can lead to instability in your overall system. Including whole wheat, brown rice, and millet in your diet can make a lasting impact on your body system.