Top 10 ways to eat safe even when you on diet.

The 3 Week Diet

Top 10 ways to eat safe even when you on diet.

Here is a few ways of how to take care of the food we eat and how to balance out everything instead of outbalancing it.

We all get bored of the silly bland food that we need to have because of the diet we need to follow, One eventually gets bored of a particular food every day. We need changes in our life and hence we go for cheat day once a week or less or more than that, depending upon our diet and the workout that we do. Now what we need to make sure is that we don’t overdo on our cheat day, because overdoing can ruin our daily diet and outbalance everything.

  • Don’t over load on the cheese and butter:

    Okay we all know that you are going to have that burger and that buttery sandwich after ages but hey! You don’t want to give up on your diet and ruin everything do you? You wouldn’t even want to start over on everything right? Hence control your level of adding cheese and butter to food.

  • Drink milk either in morning or before sleeping:

    Eat whatever you want to all day but make sure you consume one glass of milk at least once a day to keep everything balanced and safe enough.

  • Don’t stop with the intake of juices:

    You know that you are going to have junk all day but make sure something healthy enters your body! Make sure you have the right amount of juice and don’t screw around much with the diet.

  • Have a plan:

    Always remember that you should know the amount of fats do you want your body to have at the end of the day even on a cheat day. Have a sheet on which you have everything planned out so that you don’t lose track about what to eat and what not to eat.

  • Make the food for yourself:

    If possible on a cheat day, make the food for yourself. In that way you will know how much amount of calories and proteins and other factors are getting into your body. You will be more cautious and controllable on your diet.

  • Eat in small portion:

    You can eat the junk you want in small portion for safe side. It’s not the end of the day if you eat less of that carbs or less of the ice cream, save some for the next time perhaps?

  • Control your urges:

    We all lose out when we see chocolate or cheese or panner or something similar to what will assure us in giving a lot of calories. But we need to control our urges so that we don’t outbalance our diet and are still on the safer side.

  • Find alternatives:

    Go for something which says is fat free, or go for soya or panner instead of meat because it will give you less calories rather than the other thing.

  • Fruits:

    Make sure you are having good amount of fruits. Never stop on fruits as they rich in minerals and vitamins and they help your body recover because of the high level of fiber in it.