6 Drinks for Weight Loss

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6 Drinks for Weight Loss

Well just eating right is not the only one thing that triggers Weight Loss for you. Weight Loss requires drinking right kind of fluids also. While drinking anything you must ensure that the fluid you are consuming is made of fruit or vegetables instead of something harmful. Drinking the juice extracted from fluids helps improve our metabolism in pursuance of getting rid of those extra calories and fats. Moreover, those who hate eating whole foods can try their hands at these fat burning drinks for triggering Weight Loss.

Including these healthy drinks into your fluid intake will help you drink your health and life to the fullest. Below is the information you need to trigger Weight Loss via these drinks for weight loss and healthy drinks.

  1. Cucumber Ginger Drink

You can make this natural drink at your home anytime. All you need is some cucumber and ginger, mint paste, lemon juice, grated ginger. Now put this entire recipe in a big jug and place it in your refrigerator for a full night. Now add at least 8 glasses of water into it and enjoy it throughout the day for weight loss and fantastic metabolism.

  1. Green Tea

Consuming at least 3-4 cups of green tea will help you burn minimum of 60-70 percent fatter. Green tea contains caffeine that is good for our metabolism whereas its diuretic properties are very useful for eradicating excessive water.

  1. Spinach Smoothie

Do you remember a famous cartoon character? “Popeye The Sailorman”. He always ate spinach to get power to rescue his girlfriend “Olive” from a notorious villain “Pluto”. He did so because spinach is good for our health. So you should drink some spinach smoothie. All you need is little bit of chopped spinach, pineapple juice, grated ginger, some lemon juice. Now put this entire recipe into a juicer and blend it to perfection and drink it to enjoy Weight Loss.

  1. Lemmon Ginger Drink

Now this drink has all the required properties to clean your digestive track. Just add a tablespoon of honey and tablespoon of grated ginger and lemon. You should consume this drink in the morning before starting your day by eating or drinking something else. Drinking this will allow you get rid of harmful toxins from your body and promote weight loss.

  1. Amla Drink

Amla is great source of Vitamin C. It helps improve our digestive system. You just need blend 10 amlas and almost half teaspoon of lemon juice and some salt as per your taste. Now you just need to blend it and put it into the glass with some lemon slices and ice.

  1. Apple cider vinegar drink

Preparing apple cider vinegar drink is not as difficult as it does not need much perseverance. Just add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar into glass of cold water with some lemon, sprinkle of cinnamon powder and a tablespoon of honey. So be an early bird and enjoy this mouthwatering drink for quick weight loss.


However, this information provided via this article should not be used by any reader without consulting his or her doctor because he is the best person to advice you anything for consumption according to your need and medical history.