Cracked heels? Say a big NO to them!

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Cracked heels? Say a big NO to them!

Description: What are the perks of having beautiful legs? You have to take the best of care of them so that do not start looking ugly and disgusting. The best part is that you have this article which can help you out to know on a very personal level about how to deal with it.

We all love our legs and in fact every part of our body. It gives a lot of pain to see them look ugly or get some sort of thing which they are not supposed and then later on regret saying that ‘I wish I had taken good care of my legs’. You don’t want every sense of yours to end with something like this? Or every time face the same old shitty thing. The best thing is that here we have a real good solution for you and we will make sure you get the best of results. And so, here are some home remedies and care tips for cracked heels:

  1. Rose water and glycerin

    This is one of the best ways to make your cracks heal and get your feet all smooth at the same time. It is a really effective treatment which can simply be done at home! This is one of the main reasons why rose water is so popularly used because it smooths your skin and also adds various kinds of vitamins to your skin and also acts as a really good antioxidant. All you have to do is take equal amount of both and mix it. After that rub it on your heels and feet daily before you go off to bed at night. You will see good results in no time.

  2. Lemons

    Lemons are known to help your body out in more than just one day. You can get not just external but internal benefits out of it too. It can strengthen your stamina and as well make your body look all the more pretty from outside. They are acidic in nature and can be very effective to soften your skin which leads to cracking. All you have to do is squeeze lemon juice in warm water and soak your feet in it for fifteen minutes. Make sure it’s warm water and not hot. Scrub your heel or cracked place with a pumice stone and then dry your feet off by patting it by a dry towel. Easy, simple and fast.

  3. Vegetable oil

    As shocking as this sounds it is really true. Vegetable oil can help you out in more than just one ways. For starters, you have to soak your feet in any kind of soapy water and then you’ve gotta scrub your feet with pumice stone. Wash your feet and then dry them properly. Later on, apply any kind of vegetable oil on your heels and soles and put on a pair of clean socks for overnight. When you wake up, you will start to notice the change after a few days.

  4. Go bananas

    Sounds weird but it is absolutely true. Having ripe bananas is one of the most cheap home remedies and care tips for cracked heels. They are really moist and so it is always better to have them applied on your feet. All you have to do is ripe on banana and make sure it is a smooth paste. Then clean your feet properly and apply the banana paste at the cracked and dry area. Let it be on your skin for around fifteen minutes and then wash it off with some warm water and then soak your feet in cold water for around five to ten minutes. Make sure you keep on doing this for a long time and then you get totally get your soft feet back.