6 Natural Shakes you can make at home to keep you cool during the summer

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6 Natural Shakes you can make at home to keep you cool during the summer



One doesn’t know how to keep themselves protected from the summer heat and usually find it as one of the most common causes for dehydration. Somewhere in our day-to-day life. We get caught up with everything else we are doing and we often find little room to keep ourselves protected from the scorching sun. There are a few simple ways to keep ourselves immune to this heat. Cleanse our system and at the same time, feel refreshed right from the start of the day. The best way to do so is keep ourselves constantly hydrated and refreshed by preparing “cool” drinks at home. These are easy to make and require minimal effort. Let us look at some of these examples:

  • Lemon Lime Ginger Ale Recipe:

This is so much better than buying lemonade from your grocery store. The lemons and lime give you the much needed dose of vitamin C and the apples and the grapes ensure the sweetness. The combination of lemon and ginger together also add a refreshing zing to the entire glass.


  • Power packed punch:

    This is perhaps one of the most nutritionally rich juices you can make at home. This contains some vegetables such as kale and sliced cucumber combined with fruits such as green grapes and apples to present a mix. Which can revitalize your body and mind and give you that extra boost of energy.

  • Tropical Delight:

    This is perfect to be called a tropical morning. Whether you live in a tropical climate or not, it is sure to take you there! A beautiful combination of peaches and sliced mangoes mixed with coconut water (which has excellent hydrating properties) is what this combination boasts of. A must have, especially during the summer heat.

  • Health freaks:

    This one is most appropriately named. Because of the various ingredients it contains which give you Vitamin A, B, C and E in one power packed glass. All you need are cubed apples with cubed pears and half a cup of cherries. This one is surely meant to keep you energetic through-out the day.

  • Banana Pumpkin Smoothie:

    This one is special, just the name and the ingredients put into this can make one’s mouth drool. The fruit which should ideally be kept frozen, gives the smoothie a rich texture, keeping the pumpkin chilled would ensure that the smoothie remains cold when you drink it. The delicious combination of banana, pumpkin, yogurt and orange juice can serve upto almost 750 mg of potassium in one glass!

  • Raspberry Mango Peach smoothie:

    This one might be called this but it certainly contains much more than just this. Get a hold of some fresh bananas, fresh apples, blueberries, frozen peach, frozen mangoes and blend them all together along with some orange juice to kick-start your morning with some passion!


These are some of the picks for what can really affect your day, right from the morning. If you wake up and drink one of these concoctions, your day will fly by.