The 3 Week Diet


How to control cholesterol need not be too hard. There are many ways on how to lower cholesterol naturally. The main concept of living healthy including eating well balanced diet of foods low in cholesterol, regular exercises, novices and minimizing stress still apply. But we can also get help from herbs and spices that work on several ways on how to control cholesterol.

Many of these potent herbs and spices are in the food list containing low cholesterol. But, we should also be aware that some herbs might be effective on a person and some might not. Be warned though that some of these herbs might cause serious side effects to some people. It is best to consult with your doctor before taking in the following herbal supplements:

  1. Garlic –

    Though we usually leave it uneaten, garlic is a staple in everyone’s kitchen and is almost present in majority of main dishes. This universal spice is proven to be effective on how to lower cholesterol naturally. Garlic is a potent blood thinner and can interact with other medications.

  2. Ginger –

    Another kitchen staple, aside from lowering cholesterol, ginger also thins the blood and lowers blood pressure.

  3. Peppers –

    Cayenne peppers and some chillies contain capsaicin that helps prevent cholesterol build up in the body.

  4. Turmeric –

    This spice contains curcumin which is instrumental on lowering the LDL or the bad cholesterol levels. Adding more spice in the food helps in improvement of blood circulation as well.

  5. Green Tea –

    Its therapeutic effects include lowering the bad cholesterol levels in the blood, helps in preventing blood vessel constrictions and fighting cancer with its antioxidants.

  6. Grape Seed Extract –

    This herbal supplement is one of the effective aids on how to control cholesterol. It works to decrease the total cholesterol count in the body.

  7. Royal Jelly –

    Fights the effect of smoking and nicotine to the cholesterol levels. As smoking is one of the major factors in increasing cholesterol, royal jelly can help reverse the effect and thus lowering cholesterol.

  8. Red Yeast Rice –

    The lovastatin present in the red yeast rice is effective in controlling the levels of cholesterol.

  9. Guggulipid-

    This Indian herbal supplement contains sterols and has recorded clinically tested affectivity in lowering bad cholesterol. The significant results however are subject for review to determine possible side effects.

Spice and herbal supplements can be very effective on how to lower cholesterol, but it is still best to invest in a low cholesterol diet planand limit intake if not totally avoid high cholesterol foods. You can benefit a lot from the natural goodness of foods low in cholesterol.

  1. Soluble Fibres – These are plentiful in seeds, oats, fruits, vegetables and legumes. Soluble fibres absorb and flush cholesterol and fats out of the body, thus preventing them from entering into the blood streams.
  2. Phytosterols – These are natural plant compounds that reduce cholesterol levels in the blood. It is present in soybeans and flaxseeds. Supplementary capsules are also available and taking these supplements is an effective way on how to control cholesterol.