The 3 Week Diet


The ideal cholesterol levels for men should be below 200 mg/dl. Though cholesterol up to a certain limit can prove to be useful, excess can be quite harmful to the body. It is used to synthesize bile and hormones, form cell membranes and produce vitamins. An increased amount of cholesterol in the body has adverse effect. The type and amount of cholesterol in the body can have important health effects on cardiovascular system. Cholesterol levels are affected by factors like smoking, alcohol consumption and genetics.

There may be different cholesterol levels for men and women and that is what is discussed here.


The cholesterol is synthesized by the liver from saturated fat in the body.henceIt is also obtained from meat and dairy products.

HARMFUL EFFECTS OF HIGH CHOLESTEROL LEVELS: Excess cholesterol deposit on the walls of the artery and causes them to narrow (atherosclerosis). This narrow passage results in blockage and interrupts with normal blood flow. This causes serious health complications like heart attack.


Men who are above 30 tend to have higher cholesterol than women. So, it is important to get the cholesterol levels checked periodically. The blood cholesterol test consists of three different components:

Total cholesterol level:

The desired value is below 200 mg/dl which indicates risk and anything beyond 240 is dangerous.


LDL or Low Density Lipid is considered bad for health and high levels are indicative of cardiovascular complications. It’s levels are better predictors of health which in men should be less than 100 mg/dl. 100-129 mg/dl is above optimal level whereas 130-159 mg/dl indicates borderline cases.Hence beyond 160 mg/dl is comes under high risk which could result in heart attack and stroke.


High Density Lipids are good for health and their levels should be higher to prevent heart diseases.Therefore  perfect level is 60 mg/dl and less than 40mg/dl increases the risk of heart complications. Low HDL levels can be due to factors like: obesity, sedentary lifestyle, smoking, anabolic steroids and male sex hormones.


Less than 150 mg/dl is normal and beyond 500mg/dl comes under high risk category.
It is important to maintain the ideal cholesterol levels in men to improve the quality of life. There are many ways to maintain normal cholesterol levels.


Healthy and balanced diet is the first step to maintain normal cholesterol levels. Foods that contain Omega-3 fatty acids help reduce LDL. Soluble fibres, handful of nuts, fruits, and legumes are some of the most beneficial for your heart.


People who are overweight have a greater risk of having high cholesterol as well as heart disease. Regular exercise not only helps in reducing bad cholesterol (LDL) but also aids in increasing good cholesterol (HDL).

Healthy lifestyle:

Along with diet and exercise, certain changes in sedentary lifestyle are of great help in preventing the risk of heart ailments. For a healthy heart, stop consumption of alcohol and quit smoking.

It is necessary for everyone to control their fat level, be it men or women. Because sometimes thin person might also have fats. It is necessary to check their levels every now and then and keep them on control.