Forgotten about chicken pox and Mumps

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Forgotten about chicken pox and Mumps



Chicken Pox:

We have forgotten about the days of suffering when we used to be diagnosed with chicken pox and mumps. Which are now called forgotten diseases because we have moved on to higher and more complicated diseases. There are now many remedies available and one can understand why it is forgotten. However, these were serious diseases and still are. Just because we have shielded ourselves temporarily, it doesn’t imply that we are immune to such diseases.


What is important to note about this is that people say that once you get chickenpox. You are not likely to get it the second time. However, this is not necessarily true as the virus never leaves your system and as a result of that. You are always prone to it the second time. For the last few years, chicken pox has become increasingly rare. Because there is a vaccine available called Varivax which was developed in 1995.

Chicken pox is an airborne illness and is especially dangerous for people who have not had chicken pox when they were young. That means that these people are the non-immunized. This is more dangerous for adults because for someone who has not contracted the disease in their childhood. This one is accompanied by pneumonia. There is also a risk of developing other complications which includes a toxic shock syndrome and encephalitis. There are many people who have contracted the disease in their adult hood and although the duration might be shorter as in the case of childhood. It is usually more severe and also boils down to all of us revisiting our immunity. When it comes to this disease.


We might have forgotten about mumps and for those of us who have not contracted it, many of them may have not even heard of people getting mumps. This is because it is a long forgotten disease, however, people still get the mumps and the WHO has reported that in 2013, there were about 600 cases of the airborne-transmitted virus in the US and about 100 cases in Canada.

The vaccine has eliminated this disease for most part of every day’s life and this has led us to believe that this disease does not exist anymore. Experts say that the reason why some of them are more prone to the disease is because they have received only one dose instead of the essential 2 doses. There have been several incidents which prove that several symptoms. Which are accompanied by fever, fatigue, headaches and flu-like symptoms remain an enormous threat for many people all around the world.

Mumps is a far serious condition and the consequences are also much more drastic than in chickenpox. All these incidents point towards one thing- that these incidents might be rare and might be few in number. But we are not completely protected by these vaccines and it is highly important that one takes these precautions from time to time. So that we don’t have to face such conditions.