Scared if it is cancer?

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Scared if it is cancer?

We all need to be aware about the symptoms that might be of cancer. Symptoms of cancer; talking about the basic symptoms over here, are not that difficult to understand.

  • Now the first and foremost thing that people need to understand that some symptoms might be common where as some symptoms are very specific to men and some are very specific to women. For example, fatigue and sudden weight loss is a very common symptom which found in both men and women. Here are some of the more specific and varied changes and symptoms that are found in men and women or both respectively.


  • Changes in your Skin:

    If you have been starting to notice some sudden spots or moles. Which were not there before and they have been seem to be suspicious then you should definitely consult a doctor. This symptom is common in both men and women. Changes in your skin can be a symptom of cancer and to be really specific, mostly skin cancer.

  • Weight Loss for No Specific Reason:

    If you have started to sense that you have been losing weight for no reason, then you should consult the doctor as well. Regardless if you are on a diet or you genuinely have seen a change in your diet, then it can be something else. But sudden weight loss is totally something very suspicious and you should have a check on and about it. This symptom is common in both men and women.

  • Constant tired feeling or fatigue:

    When we are young, we do know that getting tired so easily is not something very common. Of course when you are growing old you tend to lose out on your energy. But if you have started to notice that you have been getting tired for no reason and you have really sudden weight loss then it is something very uncanny and you need to consult the doctor. And again, this symptom is very common in both men and women.

  • Unexpected blood:

    If you have been passing out blood in your pee or stool or from some much unexpected place, then it really is suspicious. You need to consult a doctor who will let you know that it is something you need to worry about. Mostly this symptom will lead to cancer. And this symptom is common in both men and women.

  • Bloated or breast changes:

    Now we all know what bloating means and if you have started to sense that something similar is happening, it can lead to cancer. As well about breast changes, if you notice that you have certain lumps it can be cancer. Though not most of the lumps are detected to be of cancer.

  • Changes in your testicles:

    If you have been starting to notice that your testicles are getting heavy or one of them seems to be swollen or both of them are swollen then it can result in something serious like cancer.