Lose Weight Fast: The Cabbage Soup Diet

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Lose Weight Fast: The Cabbage Soup Diet


It is always good to lose weight after a big feast or just right after the Christmas season to flush all the toxins and extra food you had. One of the most popular short-term dietary program and tricks for lose weight fast, you can do is the Cabbage Soup Diet. This regimen is low-fat and high in fiber type of diet. This is a good jumpstart to prepare you for a long term eating strategy. Losing weight in a span of seven days is the well-known result of this diet.

The ingredients are inexpensive and it does need a lot of time to prepare and cook the soup. Although many people who tried this method said that they felt light-headed and weak. They also had difficulty in concentrating on their tasks. In general, most individuals who tried this diet stated that it was worth it because they lost so much weight in a very short time.

Below are the advantages and benefits of cabbage:

  • It is easy to buy in supermarkets.
  • Cabbages are inexpensive.
  • It is loaded with valuable vitamins and minerals.
  • It is a type of vegetable because it promotes weight loss.
  • Cabbage is full of fiber.
  • It is a cancer fighter veggie.
  • Also it helps to keep the body’s bones, brain, and eyes healthy.
  • It is considered as a detoxifier because cabbage has a very high content of vitamin C and sulphur that helps in flushing out toxins from the body.


Here is your seven days dietary regimen:

Day 1: You can eat all the fruits you like excluding banana along with your soup. You can drink teas, cranberry juice, and water.

Day 2: You can eat all the cooked and uncooked veggies you like along with your soup, but no fruits. By dinner time, you can have a big baked potato with butter.

Day 3: You can eat both fruits and veggies you like along with your soup. Just make sure you don’t eat a potato.

Day 4: You can eat as much as eight bananas and a lot of non-fat milk along with your soup. By this time, your cravings for sweets will be lessened.

Day 5: You can eat up to twenty ounces of beef and six pieces of tomatoes. Make sure you drink eight glasses of water throughout the day to flush out the uric acid away from your body. Eat your soup once only on this day. Another treat for this day is you can eat broiled or baked chicken or fish.

Day 6: You can eat as much beef and veggies on this day. You can have up to three juicy steaks with veggies on the side. Eat your soup once on this day.

Day 7: You can eat organic brown rice, unsweetened fruit juices, and veggies. You can eat as much of the food as you like and eat your soup once on this day.

From day 8 onwards, you can gradually start your long term dietary plan and remember that the Cabbage Soup diet is only meant for short-term basis only.