The 3 Week Diet


If you eat a fat rich diet, it will increase your chances of developing many types of cancer. But you’re surely not advised to avoid the fat entirely. Some types of fat, in fact offer protection against cancer. It would be a wise decision for you to choose the right types of fat, and eat them moderately. The Brain cancer prevention –omega 3 article tells its readers about some precaution measures that could be followed to avoid brain cancer but however, this might not be fully helpful.

The two types of fats that are most likely to increase the risk of cancer are “Saturated Fats” and “Trans Fats”. Trans Fats. Which are also known as partially hydrogenated oils are manufactured by passing hydrogen through liquid vegetable oil. Which gives it a solid white granular look. The commercial food manufacturers prefer this type of oil. Because it is less likely to get spoilt, but could be very bad for your health.

The healthiest fats are the unsaturated fats, which are derived from plants and remain liquid at room temperature. In fact they decrease the chances of cancer. Some of the good sources of omega 3 fatty acids. Which are excellent in fighting inflammation and good for your brain as well as heart are flax seeds, salmon and tuna.

If you eat the diet rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, it could help you to prevent colon, breast or prostate cancers.

Colon cancer

Colon cancer has become one of the most prominent type of cancer in the US. In Alaska, Eskimos who tend to eat a lot more fish than most of the other people in the US do, have less risk of developing colon cancer. They consume a fat diet, but get most of their fat from eating fish which are rich in the omega 3 fatty acids. Even people who have been diagnosed with colon cancer and are still in the early stages of it. Can possibly slow down the progress of the disease by consuming more omega 3 in their diet or through supplements. Which reduces the chance of a person developing colon cancer by 40 percent. So if eating out, you should prefer the seafood dish over the steak.

Breast cancer is another type of cancer that takes the lives of many women and even men every year. In 2010, there werenearly 207,090 new cases found of the invasive type of breast cancer which now has increased in number. Of these cases, there would be an estimated 39,840 that die in a years’ time. Omega 3 is considered to contain cancer retarding ingredients that help prevent the chances of tumours becoming cancerous. It is also possible that omega 3 could stop the migration of cancer cells and reduce metastatic growth.

Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is another cancer that is becoming more common amongst the male population. Omega 3 helps to reduce inflammation in your body and improves the blood circulation. The battle against the prostate being enlarged or becoming cancerous may benefit from omega 3 being introduced into the diet along with many other nutrients. Such as tomatoes, pumpkin seeds, good fats, saw palmetto and nettle root. Adding omega 3 to the diet is so beneficial for so many ailments. That it only makes since to make it a part of your daily diet. The brain cancer prevention omega 3 consumption will help in avoiding the cancer but does not 100 percent guarantee that the disease will never occur.