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High blood pressure and sex are highly related in many ways. It does not usually show up any signs or symptoms. High blood pressure affects the way of the body getting the sexual satisfaction therefore it poses a great sexual challenge to both men and women. For men, high blood pressure contributes to erectile dysfunction. This is because the condition damages the blood vessels lining contributing to the hardening of the arteries a condition known as (atherosclerosis). This decreases the flow of blood to the penis thus making it a challenge to achieve and maintain penile erections. A single instance of erectile dysfunction is enough to create anxiety. A victim might dread sexual encounters in fear that it might happen again. This article of blood pressure and sex relationship speaks about how high blood pressure affects sexual relationships.


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It is the flow of blood that connects high blood pressure and sex. High blood pressure interferes with blood flow to the sexual organs and so to the vagina. This leads to sexual dysfunction in women since it demotes sexual arousal or sexual desire. More to the effects are vaginal dryness and difficulty in attaining orgasms. These sexual dysfunction leads to dangerous relationship issues. Medications used to treat high blood pressure increase the risk of destruction of the victim’s sex drive. In men, the treatment reduce sexual desire and also interferes with normal ejaculation.

To overcome these challenges you need to confront the issue by talking to your doctor. Do not resign to a sexless life because a well-informed doctor can rediscover the sexual satisfaction you once knew. Doctors understand conflicting issues between high blood pressure and sex. The more medical history your doctor has about you the better. Be honest with the medic and expose whatever he wants to know without feeling bad or shy about telling. The doctor must know the problems that you are facing like the condition of your sexual relationship, any feeling of depression or stress. He will need all this information in order to advise you accordingly. Another way of trying to help yourself out is by considering your medications. It is advisable to take any treatments for this problem as described by the doctor in order to avoid any problems in the future.

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Consult your doctor about other options that are less likely to cause side effects which interferes with sex. Only with the approval of a doctor that you should stop taking high blood pressure medication. You must also take care of both high blood pressure and sex because you need good health too. Also you might need a monitoring device at home. You can use erectile dysfunction drugs sildenafil so long as its combination with other drugs is not unsafe. To reduce high blood pressure, stay free of tobacco, eat healthy diet and exercise often.

This can greatly improve your sex life. To add to your efforts, set a wonderful stage for fulfilling sex. Your sex desire may be affected by the setting in which sex occurs. Try to put on other tactics to develop intimacy and you will discover that you can still enjoy sex while living with high blood pressure. This article about blood pressure and sex relationship would have let you known about the effects of getting hypertension or blood pressure. So, it is better to take doctor’s advice to avoid any sex problems.