Best Foods that make you look younger

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Best Foods that make you look younger

The best way to stay younger is use of natural foods. Which are not only cheap but also permanent compared to the other ways.

We all love to look younger, don’t we? We try every best thing available to make ourselves look young.Whether it is a man or a woman. I know if god gave us one wish which he would fulfill we would only ask that God! Give me something which will help me stay young my whole life!!! But at the end we can just hope for getting such a wish fulfilled.


To get our wish fulfilled we go to costly beauty parlors and spend about thousands of rupees for a manicure, pedicure, facial, waxing etc. and think that doing such things will help our skin glow and also help us look young. But one basic thing we forget here is that all this is temporary you will need to again go to the parlor to make yourself look young that means again spending a lot of money which rich can afford but what about the middle class. They need to believe that they can’t stay young but it is not true you can take to natural foods which are not even costly and you never need to worry about anything else.

Along with going to the parlors we also use many beauty products like cold creams during winters; creams that help you look young etc. As we know these creams are very costly and sometimes these creams do not provide us with the required results as mentioned by them. Sometimes the results are negative as a few of them might not be the right ones for our skin type and may even lead to side-effects.

So one thing I would say is isn’t it better to prefer natural products than using different creams and visiting beauty parlors. Now there are a few creams which actually say they contain natural ingredients but here I am not talking about that.

I would suggest prefer natural products like fruits, vegetables etc that actually provide you with a glowing skin and make you feel younger day by day.

Here, in this article I will share with you 5 foods that will actually make you look younger.

The 5 Foods that make you look younger are as follows:

  1. Eggs:

    We all love eating eggs if you don’t I love them a lot and even we know how protein rich they are. Proteins play a very important role in helping us make look younger. Our finger nails as well as toe nails are made up of proteins and if there is an insufficiency of proteins it would make our nails soft which will in turn make us look old. Along with this, eggs as well contain B-Complex vitamins that metabolize amino acids which help us look young. So if you want to look young then start eating eggs!!!

  1. Watermelon:

    Nowadays, UV rays cause a lot of damage to our skin which reduces our chances to look young. Therefore, it is very important to protect your skin from UV Rays. Here, Watermelon plays the most important role. Watermelon contains antioxidants which help give it its red color and as well contains about 80% Phytochemical which actually equal to the use of a sunscreen, but here I would say better eat watermelon to make the use of sunscreen efficient.

So this is the best fruit you should during summers to have a younger look.

  1. Blueberries:

    Blueberry is a small round little blue colored fruit which has been proven to help you have a younger look. It supplies Vitamin C as well as E that only helps your skin shine but also saves you from radical damage.

So start making Blueberries as a very important part of your diet, they are not only available at a low cost but also very effective.

  1. Green Tea:

    One of natural food that helps you stay young is Green Tea. Green tea consists of a high amount of Polyphenols as well as Antioxidants which not only prevents you from UV damage but also prevents from early aging which many of us face today because of increasing pollution as well as hectic lifestyle.

So, I would say rather than drinking normal start drinking Green tea daily. Which will start healing your skin and makes it glow.

  1. Avocado:

    I am sure you would love eating Avocados. Because they are very tasty, so let me give one more reason to enjoy them. They contain Oleic Acid which keeps the outer layer of the skin moist. Which in turn helps our skin look fresh, soft and most important young.

So, these are the 5 Foods that make you look younger and give you a natural look. Which I say would take time but would be permanent.