Bad Reactions to Flu Shot

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Bad Reactions to Flu Shot

You think flu shots can only do well and can’t do any harm to you? Well, you’re wrong. Read on to find out about their side effects.

People always are afraid of catching flu. Hence they vaccinate themselves and their kids at time to avoid catching flu during an outbreak. Flu shots are very important for everyone and must be taken on time to avoid the flu to spread. As flu can be a life-threatening illness. But flu shots also come with side effects. Though not everyone experiences them and the side effects are not serious normally, critical conditions can arise due to bad reactions to flu shot.


Title: Bad Reactions to Flu Shot

Bad Reactions :-

It is not just said for flu alone. Any vaccine can cause reactions but most commonly it is with the flu shots that side effects are experienced. Normally, several mild side effects are experienced in the first week of vaccination. These side effects include diarrhea  sore throat, pain, coughing, nausea, etc. These symptoms go away in a week or maximum two weeks. But sometimes serious side-effects like blood in stool, inflammation in stomach, itching, etc. is experienced, though it is rare. It is very rarely that serious allergic reactions have been reported. But they are life-threatening and should be taken to task immediately and at the earliest. Such serious allergic reactions include hives, rashes, breathing problems, increase in the heart rate, weakness, etc. You can search various websites on the internet and you can get bad flu shot reaction video which illustrate the various reactions caused by flu vaccines.

In very very extremely rare cases, some flu vaccines cause the Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS). GBS causes immense weakness and paralysis in the body and such a patient needs emergency medical treatment and need to be hospitalized right away. The cause for this is fully not known as to why this happens in only rare cases and studies are still going on this.

Bad Reactions Problems :

Many a times, most of the flu vaccines are made using eggs.Which results into egg allergy reactions in some people. Also, these reactions can make the skin develop rashes which can be irritating and also serious sometimes. Also, respiratory problems too can occur and may require hospitalization of the patient then and there. Due to the fear of bad reactions to flu shot, people can’t stop vaccinating themselves.

Because flu is a greater problem and the side effects of the flu vaccine are nothing in front of the problems face during a flu. So, it is advised that you should get yourself and your family members vaccinated at a good vaccination centre to avoid the risk of catching flu. And as far as the side effects are concerned, you can’t tell who is going to experience them and who is not. Though, all you can do is be careful, and if you feel even the slightest side effects, don’t wait and give your doctor or the vaccine specialist a prompt visit to avoid the danger of any harmful side-effect.