Avocado our new fitness addiction too,

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Health benefits of eating Avocado

Description- avocados can be really genuinely helpful and they can surely help you grow. There are various benefits to it. Imagine it can help you if you have cancer, eye problems or even heart issues and as well as arthritis.

Avocado our new fitness addiction too

For some reason, since our childhood, we have been forced to eat or have been asked and suggested to eat a lot of avocado. Ever wondered why? Have you ever wondered why it is so and what is the main reason behind it for us to force or suggesting so much to eat avocado? Well here are some of the positive benefits which tell us the various health benefits of eating avocado:

  • Healthy: The main reason behind having avocado is that it is really healthy and you tend to get your day move ahead with a lot of energy. This is not just it but it is also really helpful for our body. Ahead of this point you will see that there are various other reasons why you should have something like avocado.


  • It is highly nutritious and it also passes on various vitamin levels to our body which is relatively more important. It gives us various vitamins like vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin B5 and B6 and vitamin E. Which simply means that it gives us a lot of energy and it helps out the whole of our body?


  • High in fat and calories:So just in case if you are trying to lose weight, it is the best that you have avocados. It has around 140 calories and 14 g fat which is present in half a medium sized avocado. Imagine having this from time to time and it can solve your weight problem. It can help you lose instantly and will also make sure that you stay healthy. You just need to mix it with a salad or something and it can surely help you out well.

        Good for eyes:

  • Avocados have the capability to protect your eyes and fight against any eye disease. It is rich with vitamin E and hence they help you a lot with your eye. They also absorb the carotenoids from your body.
  • Can help you prevent from Cancer: It is highly possible but very limited evidence that avocado can help you present cancer. It is shown that avocado can help you reduce the side effects of chemotherapy. It also inhibits the growth of prostate cancer cells.

    Helps you protect your unborn baby as well as your heart:

  • A cup of avocado can help you keep your baby healthy. It removes the risks of birth defects. It can help you protect your unborn baby and surely keep it safe when it comes to health. Not only this, but it as well helps you lower the risks of heart attacks and heart diseases. If your family has a history of heart issues then you should surely have avocados since it will cut down the risks and will make sure you are keeping yourself along with your heart really healthy.


  • Controls arthritis symptoms: Avocados are known to contain phytosteroals and omega 3 fatty acids and many other such nutrients which are believed to help people who have arthritis and can really be beneficial.


The bottom line is that It is not at all limited to just helping you out in one way but various different ways. It can surely make you happy at the end of the day with its results and is bound to make sure that you are happy. It also helps you stay positive.