Common Allergy faced by children

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Allergies in children

Description-Children mostly are the easy target to allergies and infections due to their low immune power.

Allergies in children

Has your kid spent a lot of her life sneezing and drippy nose? Then it might be something more than normal cold or seasonal effect. It is easy to miss the sign of allergies of a young baby or a toddler. The most common allergy in children is ‘nasal allergy’. at times it’s difficult to diagnose nasal allergy in kids until they turn 4 or 5.

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Here are some of the symptoms of nasal allergy which includes:-

  • Runny and itchy skin
  • Congestion
  • Frequent sneezing
  • Chronic cough
  • Red, watery eyes
  • Mouth breathing while sleeping
  • Exhaustion, because of poor sleep

If These symptoms lasts longer than a couple of weeks  that’s when you should start worrying about a real problem which can last rest of their lives. The constant congestion can later lead to ‘sinus’ infection and ‘ear’ infection.

Allergies in children
Allergies in children

Allergies in children

Another reason for allergies in children may be because of the fragrances in household products like cleaners, shampoos, detergents and soaps can be the main problem for this kind of allergy. Products like these may contain allergens as well as chemical irritants that worsen the symptoms. Some of the allergies are genetic, if a parent has allergies that increase the odds that their kids might have too. If a child faces problems such as asthma or a severe allergy, the school should be informed about it and given a action plan discussing your child’s access to medication in case of emergency.

Children with asthma and other allergic diseases should be able to participate in any sport that the child chooses. Parents should ensure that their child is taking proper medication as prescribed. The symptoms include coughing, breathing problem, rashes, sneezing or runny nose. It could be more triggered due to pets, physical exertion, and dust irritation. It is important for children who have dust irritation and allergic problems to sit away from chalk dust.

Common allergies in children

Most of the children develop allergies from families with a history of such related problems. A child who face problem such as sneezing continuously or coughs a lot. Who frequently develops symptoms like rash or hives or who gets a stomachache, cramps or nausea after eating certain food may have allergy. By identifying these kind of allergy at the starting will improve your child’s quality of life, reduce the number of medications taken and avoid staying sick most of the times.

The lists of allergies in babies which are common are:-
  • Outdoor: tree pollen, plant pollen, insect bites or stings
  • Indoor: pet or animal hair or fur, dust, mites, mold
  • irritants: cigarette, smoke, car exhaust, perfume
  • food: peanut, egg, milk and milk products

it is best suggested to keep a track of symptoms your children experiences and what you think causes them.