How to prevent our cute babies from Allergies

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 Allergies in Babies

Allergies in babies are common ailment during childhood. Mothers/ care givers should have the knowledge of allergies that babies suffer from to prevent such ailments.

Allergies in babies

Allergies in babies are a very common childhood ailment. Most of the allergies make the body sensitive to the allergens and help fight the allergy next time the baby comes in contact with the same allergen. Removing the baby from the source of allergy is the best way to prevent allergy. Mothers/care givers should be alert and keep a note of such conditions, so these can be avoided and readily shared with doctors in time of need.

Allergies in children

Mothers all over the world are very protective about their babies and get perturbed whenever their babies are in any problem. However, allergies in babies are a common ailment that nearly all babies face. These can be from food they eat, air they breathe, toys they play with, clothes they wear,  soap or other cosmetics they use and even the medicines, or injections they take; in short, from anything which their bodies reject. The common symptoms of allergies are:

  • Rashes on skin,
  • sneezing,
  • coughing,
  • watering of eyes, nose
  • itchy nose, eyes, mouth
  • Diarrhoea and vomiting etc.

The external irritating factor causing allergy is called allergen and the body releases antibodies to fight them. The severity of these symptoms can increase or decrease depending on the duration of exposure to allergen. Most of the time they are simple irritants but may prolong and become severe if the source of allergen is not determined and removed. It is particularly important to identify and stop the progress of allergy to check what is commonly called ‘allergy march’ as the babies become more susceptible to other kinds of allergy if he/she has developed one.

Allergies in babies may subside or continue depending on how the body reacts to different allergens. For some allergens the body stores information to fight the same allergen next time. However, some allergens including those from sea food, fish and nuts cause repeated attacks and may sometimes cause severe reactions like swelling up of throat and tongue, difficulty in breathing, wheezing etc. But the good news is that such severe reactions are very rare.

Preventing allergies

Some people believe that child should not be kept in sanitized conditions because he/she will be eventually exposed to allergens when they grow up; exposure in early life and sensitization to most allergens is a good way to lead allergy free life. However, for most mothers/care givers babies’ suffering is very painful. Here are some of the tips to prevent allergy:

  • Keeps your common sense working? Identify the source of allergens remove the baby from its proximity
  • Do wash your hands every time before you touch the baby
  • Sanitize the toys, bed and things that come in contact with the baby, keep pets away from the baby
  • Air the baby’s room and use synthetic pillows and duvets
  • Consult a doctor and please don’t give medication on your own, especially those that you use to treat your allergies and most importantly
  • Don’t panic, all of us have survived innumerable bouts of allergy when we were babies.