Acute hepatitis c

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Acute hepatitis c

Acute hepatitis c is a infectious disorder of human liver is fetal disorder and the principle of “Prevention is better than cure” is truly applicable for acute hepatitis C. The viruses that cause this disorder categorize hepatitis. A, B, and C. These three viruses are responsible for the eighty percent cases of hepatitis

sick woman with headache in her bed

Acute hepatitis C

sick woman with headache in her bed

Title; Acute hepatitis C

Acute hepatitis c

What causes acute hepatitis-c”- we have already learned that the virus “C” causes Hepatitis-C. According to an estimation, almost 15% cases of hepatitis-c converts into acute hepatitis-c.Because the causes of this disaster might include incomplete medication, consumption of alcohol during treatment, and careless consumption of contaminated food. A condition of acute hepatitis-c may result in liver failure, liver cancer, and liver cirrhosis.

The acute hepatitis-c demonstrates a specific set of profound symptoms.

Some of the symptoms are below mentioned.

One important thing that we must have to learn about hepatitis-c is that acute hepatitis-c is a silent killer. What does this mean? By the time the symptom of acute hepatitis-c appear, the fetal conditions as if cirrhosis has already taken place inside the body. A better option is that as soon hepatitis-c is diagnosed, should be treated seriously. The main symptoms of acute hepatitis-c are weakness, weight loss, accumulation of fluid in abdominal, dark color of urine, and, last but not the least, yellowish color of skin. The condition of yellowish skin is commonly known as “Jaundice” Jaundice is stated as condition related to Hepatitis-c


Diagnosis of Acute hepatitis-c- There are few conventional pathological tests that are used to diagnose and measure the hepatitis-c. The most popular test to diagnose the hepatitis-c is HCV antibody test. However, this test can prove that patient has already exposed to the virus “C” but this test cannot determine that weather patient has become infected also.

Treatment for acute hepatitis c-

Hence The first thing we all need to understand before discussing the treatment options of hepatitis-c is that treatment of hepatitis is not at all a matter of choice. Because Being a victim of hepatitis-c, you will have to be very alerting, disciplined, and regular about the course of medications and other precautions prescribed by your doctor as well. Because the drugs used for the treatment of hepatitis-c produce severe side effects. The doctors should consell his or her patient about his medical history. The widely accepted way for the treatment of acute hepatitis-c is dual therapy. The meaning of dual therapy means medications by oral route and intravenous as well.

Main pharmaceutical agents used to treat acute hepatitis-c are:

  • Pegylated Interferon- This the widely used drugs used for treating hepatitis-c. This drug has three sub-types  Pegylated Inferferon- Alpha-2a, 2b, and 1a.
  • Ribavirin- Ribavirin is drug that belongs to specific class of drug called as “Nucleoside Inhibitor. This drug is used with Pegylated Interferon almost always.

Therefore, if you have developed hepatitis; do not worry! By taking treatment of a specialized doctor and his prescribed medications, you can get rid of this hepatitis