Avoid memory loss by skipping these foods which are flavorsome yet detrimenta

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Avoid Memory Loss by Skipping These Foods

Can us Avoid Memory Loss by Skipping These Foods like burgers and doughnuts. Do they really influence our brain’s capability to remember and memorize important numbers, names, faces and facts? There are many factors for memory lost in which food plays a crucial role.

 avoid memory loss by skipping these foods

Our brain is capable of storing up to roughly a million gigabytes. It performs 24/7 devoid of a single second of rest. Even when you are sleeping, it performs important psychological task. However, our brain’s memory and wisdom capability reduce as we epoch. There are of course many factors which influence brain damage, amongst which food plays a crucial role.

Avoid Memory Loss by Skipping These Foods

which are tasty, of course, but they are scientifically known to cause other issues. They be delightful on the tongue but substandard for your brain. The food which will be there in this list will make you wish that you have never read this article, but it’s needed. Our brain’s health is important. Besides, as they say our stomach is the second brain.


Avoid Memory Loss by Skipping These Foods which contain a lot of highly hydrogenated fats as well as nitrosamine, diacetyl plus spike insulin production. Hydrogenated fats are processed from natural fats by adding hydrogen to them. Addition of hydrogen to natural fats helps in solidifying these natural fats even at room temperature. This is done so that these processed foods will last longer than naturally available food items. Hydrogenated fats contain peculiar structures which are different from their likely cousin.

Scientist name them ‘Trans’ fats because of that structural peculiarity. This peculiar structural deviation prevents these Trans-fats from being processed by the human body. As you can imagine Trans-fats stay in the body for a long time and are absolutely difficult to remove. Other, notably ingredients like nitrosamine which are modified versions of the natural amino acids. Amino acids the building blocks and the smallest units of all proteins. They influence the liver to produce many harmful fats implicating in brain damage. Many of the food items also contain diacetyl which may increase amyloid plaques in your brain. White food can cause a spike in insulin production also produces harmful toxins which may harm the brain. Hence, we should evade Memory Loss by Skipping These Foods which contain such substance.


These food items are categorized based on which toxins or toxins inducing substance they contain as a part of their ingredients.

  • Hydrogenated or ‘Trans’ fat

    Avoid KFC, McDonalds and any fried fast food joint. Fried foods are laden with Trans-fat. Doughnuts another food item that we love to devour are loaded with hydrogenated fat. Refrigerated dough food items like biscuits, cinnamon rolls, cookies contains highly hydrogenated omega-3 fats which are otherwise beneficial and helps in purifying blood. Microwavable popcorns are the best thing to have when watching movies or any televised program, but it’s sad to say that Trans-fat is a major ingredient, which is used as a preservative.

  • Nitrosamine

    The food items in this category is going to upset a lot of hardcore meat consumer. Loads of processed meat food available in the market contains nitrosamine which induce the liver to produce harmful toxins. We all know meat is protein rich. Proteins are made up of smaller building blocks called amino acid. Proteins are main gears of muscles. Meat particularly red meat are mostly muscle, when they are processed the amino acid in them gets converted into nitrosamine. How much nitro amine they include depends on how protracted they are exposed to the processing steps. Hence, avoiding food items like smoked chicken, turkey, processed cheese, bacon and sausages.

  • Diacetyl

    Another list of food and drink items which we all find irresistible. Besides diacetyl they also contain another substance called nitrate, which is good at normal levels, but it’s injurious at great deliberation. These set of food influence the liver as well. As mentioned above, diacetyl introduces amyloid plaque in the brain leading to memory loss. Beer is the most important entrant in this category because majority people in the population love beer as a recreational beverage. Margarine is another beloved food item in this list.

  • Wheat food

    Food items in this category may be controversial and may arouse questions as most of the items on the list are staple food for countries like Italy. White food contains wheat which includes pastas, cakes, white sugar, white rice and white bread. As you can tell that they are the most commonly used food commodity in any society. However, a large portion of their ingredient a form of sugar called disaccharide that easily breaks down by the enzymes in our digestive system. High sugar content in the body influence spike in insulin production leading to toxins production that is not removed smoothly from our system.


It is of extreme importance to Avoid Memory Loss by Skipping These Foods categories. However, with the list of food to avoid we shall also give you a list of food to have which improve memory. Most of these food items will come as obvious commodities to have and they are easily available in the market.

  • Leafy green vegetables are vitamin and mineral rich alternatives to multi-vitamin pills.
  • Salmon and other cold-water fish contains a lot of natural omega-3 fats which helps in purifying blood.
  • Berries and dark-skinn fruits for important pigments that are converted to vitamin.
  • Coffee and chocolate for hormone and antioxidant production.