11 ways to make your walk interesting

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Make your walk time fun time!

Description: Walking is a normal exercise which is used to normally to cut down on your calories. The best part about this is exercise is that it can be made fun in various different ways. You just need to figure one way out and everything can be just absolutely perfect.


Every exercise can be made a fun one if you know exactly how to work on it. When it comes to walking, it is really very simple because walking is not something where you have put your entire hard work in. It is just either strolling around or you can go for rigorous walks where you sweat yourself a lot. In either of the ways, you can make your walk really interesting and fun.

There are so many ways where you can make the most out of your daily walks. And hence, here are 11 ways to make the most of your walking routine! But also to keep in mind, you have to make sure that when you are doing any of these exercises or anything you have to keep certain small factors like drinking water and maintain proper diet in your head or else it can result into excessive weight loss and can affect you really bad. Walking will increase your stamina and will also help you burn the calories and keep your body in shape.

  1. Music:

    Popping up earphones and walking is a very common thing that all of us do. Even when we are just walking a short distance, having your earphones or headphones on is something that we always make sure. Music keeps us company and entertained. It also helps the time pass by faster. In simple words, it makes us walk more than what we will want to. Keeping company can also make sure that we are spending a little extra time in what we are supposed to do.

  2. Gather a group:

    When music can’t keep the company you expected of, you can always go for more people along with you. Some crazy talks and good amount of gossip or business talks can make your walk a mile or two extra and equally be beneficial. Having a “walking group” is also a nice way to socialize and have a good time with people or close ones. You can always do a little more of everything when you have company. The time will pass by and you won’t ever come to know about the miles you have walked and the minutes that have passed.

  3. Add some tasks:

    If you are really bored of your plain simple walks, add some certain tasks to it. After 2 rounds of normal walk, go for a task that can help you strengthen your stamina. The task can be a certain different track or go for 10 lunges or sit ups or anything that you like. Sometimes people even choose to take a snack break. Have some fluids or grab an energy bar. Go on the swing for a while or go for the touch your toe exercise. Add random things and come up with aims and tasks to complete. Maybe you can give yourself some sort of reward at the end if you want.

  4. The famous “walk and talk”:

    You all must have heard the tagline from the telephone company Idea. What you can do is phone up a friend, call that person, and go for a walk. Or when you are talking to a friend on call you can go for a walk. It is a very easy and nominal thing to do. The only drawback is that it does take away a lot of your energy.

  5. Pet walkers:

    If you have a pet dog or cat, you can take your pet for a walk. It can surely be a good exercise and a good way to bond with your dog. With this you also know that your dog needs a certain type of exercise too. So taking your dog is the best option. Sometimes cats don’t really go along that well for it.

  6. Discover new neighborhood:

    Very rarely we take a new route for our walks. When you want some type of change, this can be one of the 11 ways to make the most of your walking routine. We usually stick to that one single route which we enjoy and we don’t bother to go for a new one. When you are bored of the new route, you can try out the new route and discover the new place.

  7. Aim Sunrise:

    We all hate waking up early but at the same time we all love noticing sunrise. The colors that the sunrise gives out are the most beautiful thing. Go for a walk and force yourself to wake up at the time the sunrise is supposed to happen. Go for the place which has a high peak and you will have a good feeling at the end because you would have walked all way up just to notice the sunrise plus good exercise.

  8. Aim Sunset:

    Now this is for those who aren’t really that fond of sunrise. You can go for a walk by the beach or somewhere where the sunset is really prominent and can give you the best of views. Carry a partner or take your music or pet along.

  9. Romantic Walks:

    Are you and your lover not getting the time to spend any together? Go for walks with him or her and make it special. With the walks you can discuss about whatever you wish to and make it interesting. A special time of the day when you can have your own alone time and spend it together and as well stay fit.

  10. Walk  Cause:

    All of us support some or the other NGO and we love donating something or the other to them. What you can do is for every time you go for a walk you can put aside 10 bucks or some more amount. At the end of the month you can donate that amount to that non-profit organization. This is a good way of collecting some money to donate or to in fact participate for a cause itself.

  11. Calories:

    Put up an aim to burn your calories and walk for that. Walking can help you the best with your calories and lower them down to a really good extent. In fact walking can also give you a lot of your alone time and make you have a break and feel good.